AstroBin Review for Astrophotography

Have you ever wondered where to showcase your astrophotography images at full resolution? Or where to get real feedback on how specific astrophotography gear performs? Or to discuss your hobby with other astrophotographers?

Wonder no more. AstroBin is the answer. Read our AstroBin review to know how this site can help you to become a better astrophotographer.\

What Makes AstroBin One Of The Best Astrophotography Resources Out There?

AstroBin is much more than an image hosting website. It includes a multilingual photography forum, a photo backup service and it works as a huge gear database.

So, what does AstroBin look like? Despite the variety of services offered, the interface is neat and intuitive.

The website homepage is quite rich in information too.

At the top, you will find the astrophotography image of the day.

Right below it, there is a section with the most recent active topics in the forum.

The final section shows the most recent images users have uploaded on the site. Like any other image sharing service, you see the name of the user and also how many likes the photos have.

The interface is also multilingual. This can help users who are not familiar with the English language.

Let’s break down AstroBin and its different aspects.

Account Creation and Pricing

AstroBin gives astrophotographers a place to showcase their images.

To do so, you have to create an account and register. The registration process is very simple and straightforward.

When you register, you have to choose a username and complete your profile. Make sure you fill in the section about your equipment.

Here you can state the camera(s) you use, the lens(es), telescope(s), mount(s), filter(s) etc.

Let’s look at the subscription plans available for AstroBin.

AstroBin Subscription Plans

Like most image sharing services, AstroBin has different subscription plans. The plans differ in the number of images you can host and show in your gallery:

  • AstroBin Free : 10 images, free;
  • AstroBin Lite : 12 images, 18$/year, no monthly option;
  • AstroBin Premium : unlimited images, 36$/year, no monthly option.

The quality of the user images in AstroBin is generally quite high, and uploads are moderated.

AstroBin Raw Data Subscription Plan

Alongside those subscription plans, AstroBin also offers storage plans. These service allows you to store your raw and fits files as a backup.

As you can see from the image above, the price tag is quite steep, as you will need to buy a lot of space. External hard drives might be a cheaper investment. This makes the service less attractive for beginners.

A more exciting feature is that you will contribute to a repository of FIT and digital camera raw files.