Crazy Creative Gadgets for Photographers

Creative photography gadgets are add-ons to your camera system. These photography accessories could work with your camera system or smartphone device.

Either way, camera gadgets are geared around making your photography more interesting. They also make great gifts for photographers in your life!

What Are Photography Gadgets?

From filters to external devices, photographers can get a lot from creative photography gadgets. Whether it is to make a scene more fun to shoot, or it’s part of your style, photography accessories are almost a necessity.

Many photographers shoot with the usual system; a camera and a lens. By adding a few extras, you can get more from your scene.

Here we have a list of the top 25 creative photography gadgets. They aim to get you out shooting more, creating more interesting images and processes.

There is something for everyone, so work your way through it. They also make great photography gifts for members of your family.

Holographic Lens By Trippy Clip

We are going to start our list off with a holographic lens. There are no creative photography gadgets that compare to this. No photography accessories come close to what you can capture with this.

You just attach it on to your phone, and it does the rest. And don’t worry if your smartphone is compatible. From Google all the way through to iPhones and Samsung, they have you covered.

What you get is a prism effect. Point the lens at any subject and they multiply. Trippy Clip have turned the add-on lens into something fun to play with. And it is reminiscent of old filters of a vintage time.

The wide angle gives you more room to play with, and can work with anything. Lights pop and scenes are made abstract. Step out of the usual and give this holographic lens a try.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens

Yes, I see I have your full attention. Every photographer wishes they had a secret spy lens, especially those who are aiming for candid images. Yes, street photographers and documentary types, I’m talking to you.

This creative photography gadget is one of a kind. It is a photography accessory that attaches to your Canon lens, if they have a 52 or 58mm thread.

It works like a periscope, where a mirror inside allows you to capture scenes at a right angle to where you point your lens. You look one way, but shoot another. No one will know you are capturing them.

It works better on APS-C or crop sensor cameras, such as the Canon 7D. The barrel rotates, allowing a 360° from standing still. By moving physically, there is no scene you can’t grab.

Snappgrip iPhone Camera Controls

You might find that your smartphone doesn’t have the right grip that you are looking for. The design of them is sleek and minimal, but for photography purposes, they could be better.

The Snappgrip aims to solve this issue by adding a grip-controller. It attaches to a camera case, which is also included. Together, you’ll find your smartphone is now more like a professional camera.

The controller allows you to half-press to focus and full press to snap the picture. It has portrait and landscape modes – just what you’d find on a DSLR or mirrorless system. Zoom in and out with ease.

Altogether, you get more functions which are easier to reach and press. Flash and video as standard, beefing up what your mobile phone already gives you.

There is even a tripod mount, allowing you to capture long exposures or selfies.

As a creative photography gadget, this is a pleasure to work with.

PowerGrip H2O : Waterproof Battery-Powered GoPro® Grip

First, the company created a PowerPole.  Now, they came up with the PowerGrip H20.

It is a battery-integrated pole for your GoPro camera. The 6700mAh allowed users to film upto 12 hours of footage. This meant a heck of a lot of photographs too.

I bet you can’t guess why H20 is in the title. That’s right! It works above and below the surface. It is waterproof to 99 feet. So scuba diving while filming or capturing is possible.

It is a great advantage for water sports, and any adventure photography you find yourself in. Even better as it has a functional folding arm, extending the camera to 33 inches. This is perfect for selfies and vblogging too.

The tripod mount allows you to add extra stability, and it is ready to house your camera or smart phone. The included strap makes carrying it on your bag a sinch.

Nova light

Have you tried to use your smartphone and wondered why it’s too dark. Your eyes can adjust, but your screen looks like Las Vegas with a power outage.

There is an answer, and it’s one of the best photography accessories you can find. The Nova is a wireless flash, providing you with all the light you’ll need.

It fits in your pocket, so you can take it everywhere. Put it in your bag, and forget about it. When you need it, it’s right there, meaning great images every time.

Having a portable flash unit like this means you can really use it as a creative photography gadget. You can place it high as a key light, or off to the side as a fill light.

You have 20ft of play, and who’s to say you can’t use more for even better images?