Our Favourite Shots from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Given its unpredictable nature, taking funny animal pictures seems almost impossible to master.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an annual photography contest. It’s meant to raise awareness about the environment and feature funny animal pictures.

Last year’s winners were both hilarious and delightful. Here are our favorites.

I Think We’ll Win This Round of Hide-And-Seek, Guys

Valtteri Mulkahainen is a Finnish photographer and teacher. He was one of the top winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography awards. He won in two categories: Portfolio Series and Highly Commended.

Valtteri often photographs frosty landscapes and bears in their natural environment. The image above is part of a series following bears and their everyday lives.

His winning image is a delightful mix of technical perfection and humor. The baby bears, aligned on the tree, seem to be in the middle of a real game of hide-and-seek.

The timing, distance between the bears, and each bear’s reaction are what makes this image.

Stop Right There!

The top winner of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was “Caught in the Act” by Mary McGowan.

She’s an American photographer who has won several prizes. These include a handmade trophy, a camera bag, and a 1-week safari trip in Kenya.

The image features Stanley, a squirrel that lives in Mary’s backyard. The impromptu photo shoot lasted around 5 seconds.

Mary managed to capture Stanley in a variety of poses. She knew this photo was special as soon as she saw it.

This image stands out thanks to Stanley’s comical pose. It wouldn’t have existed without Mary’s passion and persistence. She takes her camera everywhere she goes. She never misses out on once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunities. Especially ones that happen out in the wild

Hey Mum, Look at Me!

Geert Weggen is an award-winning Dutch and Swedish photographer. His vibrant image of a flexible squirrel was another winner. Geert photographs landscapes and people too. But he usually focuses on squirrel photography.

He has published 8 squirrel photo books. This isn’t surprising given his friendly relationship with his subjects. Even though the squirrels are wild, they cooperate with him, as you can see in the video below.

His Instagram is full of whimsical photos of squirrels. The little animals appear riding miniature bicycles, drinking tea, and riding boats.

It seems that his secret ingredients are edible rewards. The squirrels munch on treats while he takes hundreds of pictures at once.

His winning photo features a wild squirrel holding itself between two branches using its hind legs. The humorous pose combines with the squirrel’s calm demeanor to create a great image.

A Wild Interrogation

Amy Kennedy’s funny animal photo ended up in the Finalists category. The successful wildlife photographer captured a seemingly awkward interaction between three penguins and a bewildered seal.

Animal expressions and reactions are usually impossible to predict. This photograph is a true gem. Photographing a single animal’s expression, let alone a whole group’s, depends on timing and confidence.

This isn’t the only perfectly-timed image in Amy’s gallery. Her website is full of sharp and vibrant photos of wild animals in action.

I Think They Can’t See Me…

This striking wildlife shot by Shane Keena has stolen many people’s hearts.

Shane was born and raised in Southern California. He is a photographer and professor with over 10 years of experience in wildlife photography.

He’s also the co-founder of Life Aquatic Expeditions LLC. The organization that revolves around the ocean, underwater creatures, and ocean preservation.

Shane usually focuses on ocean creatures. But his funny picture of a curious burrowing owl stood out from all the other submissions.

The soft focus, shocked expression, and angle make this shot an unforgettable winner.

An Unusual Passion

Roie Galitz won in the Highly Commended category thanks to this picture. He’s a nature and wildli fe photographer, Greenpeace ambassador, and public speaker.

In his gallery, you’ll often find funny photos of animals. These include them sticking their tongues out, looking surprised, or falling off trees. Every image has personality and is always well-lit.

It’s difficult to imagine camera equipment and a wild animal in the same photograph. That is why this image stands out so much.

The fact that the polar bear seems to be taking pictures and not attacking the camera seems almost impossible. It takes a sharp eye and steady hands to take a perfectly composed photo like this.